Lab Equipment

Lab equipment housed in multiple sites on campus

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  1. ALD / PECVD Cluster Deposition System
  2. LPCVD Low Temperature Oxidation (LTO) Furnace
  3. LPCVD Poly SIlicon and Silicon Carbide Furnace
  4. LPCVD Silicon Nitride Furnace
  5. Rapid Thermal Processor #1 (RTP)
  6. Rapid Thermal Processor #2 (RTP)
  7. PVD E-Beam & Resistive Heating Thermal Evaporator
  8. PVD E-Beam Long Throw Evaporator
  9. PVD Nb Superconducting Films Sputter System
  10. PVD Twin Chamber Sputter System
  11. PVD Al Superconducting Films Evaporator System
  12. PVD Thermal Evaporator for P-Type Contacts
  13. Thermal Oxidation Furnace


Dry Etch

Wet Benches


Packaging Lab  QNC 1706

Sample Prep Lab  QNC 1508

RAC1 Labs

RAC2 Labs