General Info

Summary of system capabilities

Vendor:   Leica Systems
Model:     Leica RES102
Purpose:  Thinning/polishing of solid samples


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The Leica RES102 Ion Beam Milling system is designed for thinning and finely controlled polishing of solid samples under vacuum to thicknesses which are transparent to the electron beam.

Key features

Ion gun Two saddle-field gun with large area milling properties
Ion energy 0.8 keV to 10 keV
Source current Up to 4.5 mA (per ion source)
Ion current density ~ 1 mA/cm2 at 8 kV/3 mA (per ion source)
FWHM 0.8 mm (at 10 keV), 2.5 mm (at 2 keV)
Gas used Argon (Ar 5.0)
Incoming pressure 500 mbar
Gas flow < 1 sccm/ion source with automatic control

Gun tilting
– Gun 1
– Gun 2
± 45° (0.1° setting accuracy)
± 45° (0.1° setting accuracy)
Sample holder tilting –120° to 210° (0.1° setting accuracy)
Milling angle range –90° to 90° (dependent on the sample holder)

Rotation 0.6 to 10 rpm
Oscillation Up to 360°, in 1° steps
Zero point set up In 1° steps
In x direction ± 5 mm, 0.1 mm accuracy
Tilting –120° to 210°

Sample size SEM holder max. Ø 25 mm × 12 mm
Prepared area SEM holder max. Ø 25 mm
Sample size TEM and FIB holder Ø 3 mm or Ø 2.3 mm
Sample size SEM clamp holder max. 5 mm (H) × 7 mm (W) × 2 mm (D)
Sample size SEM slope cut holder max. 5 mm (H) × 5 mm (W) × 3 mm (D)