General Info (expected Q4 2022)

June 2022 update: System has been physically received in QNC. Equipment vendor's 13-week installation window is expected to be completed sometime in September 2022. System is expected to become available for use in Q4 2022 after development of an operations and training plan by QNFCF staff.
Vendor:   JEOL
Model:     JEM-F200 S/TEM with EELS
Purpose:  Field emission transmission electron microscope for material analysis


  1. Material restrictions in effect: click here
  2. Training required prior to use: click here
  3. More info for lab members: Manuals and Processes


TEM Imaging


non-CS corrected, cold field emission (CFEG)

Minimum energy resolution 

10.3 eV or less at 200 kV

Minimum guaranteed brightness

8 x 10E8 A/cm2 or higher at 200 kV


12 x -1000 kx. 

Acceleration voltage  

20 kV to 200 kV with presets at 80 kV and 200 kV

Minimum accelerating voltage step size



Analytical Capabilities

  • EDS: single 100mm2 SDD detector
  • EELS: Gatan GIF Continuum ER (1065) enabling energy-filtered TEM (EFTEM) applications in addition to high-speed EELS. Continuum 1065 is equipped with a low-noise, high dynamic range 2k x 2k CMOS detector with high-speed XCR detector technology. Includes high-speed EDS acquisition upgrade, enabling the simultaneous acquisition of EDS with high-speed EELS data.