General Info

Vendor:   JEOL
Model:     JEM-F200 S/TEM with EELS
Purpose:  Field emission transmission electron microscope for material analysis


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  2. Training required prior to use: click here
  3. More info for lab members: Manuals and Processes


TEM Imaging


non-CS corrected, cold field emission (CFEG)

Minimum energy resolution 

0.3 eV or less at 200 kV

Minimum guaranteed brightness

8 x 10E8 A/cm2 or higher at 200 kV


TEM: ×20 to ×2.0 M        

STEM: ×200 to ×150 M

Acceleration voltage  

20 kV to 200 kV with presets at 80 kV and 200 kV

Minimum accelerating voltage step size



Analytical Capabilities

  • EDS: single 100mm2 SDD detector
  • EELS: Gatan GIF Continuum ER (1065) enabling energy-filtered TEM (EFTEM) applications in addition to high-speed EELS. Continuum 1065 is equipped with a low-noise, high dynamic range 2k x 2k CMOS detector with high-speed XCR detector technology. Includes high-speed EDS acquisition upgrade, enabling the simultaneous acquisition of EDS with high-speed EELS data.

Sample Holders

  • JEOL Reinforced Single Tilt holder
  • JEOL Reinforced Dual-tilt Beryllium holder
  • Use of any other holder requires direct authorization from staff before use.