General Info

Summary of system capabilities
Model:     d500i Dimpler
Purpose:  Precision grinding of sample disc prior to ion-beam milling


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The South Bay Technology D500i Dimpler with video alignment system is used for precision grinding of a prepared sample disc to pre-thin the central portion in preparation for subsequent ion-beam milling.

Key features

Tool Specifications: 

Z Offset: Accuracy: 1 micron
Range: 2000 microns
Z Termination Accuracy: Tools 1i/3i: < +/- 1 micron
Tools 2i/4i: < +/- 2 microns
Tool Force: Range: 1 - 200 grams
1 gram steps
Balance: Sensitivity: 1 gram
Range: 50 grams
Tool Speed: 100 - 600 RPM
Specimen Platen Speed: 10 RPM
Tool Shaft: 0.5 micron TIR
Tools: Tools 1i/2i: +/- 1 micron TIR
Tools 3i/4i: +/- 2 micron TIR

Automated features make the dimpling process more repeatable
and easy to use. Tools are raised and lowered at the touch of
a button; dimpling force, damping force, fine balance, and Z
offset (termination point) all are set from the front panel.

Four factors improve the termination accuracy:

1. Non-Contact Position Sensor
2. Tool Phase Sensor
3. No external measuring device
4. Magnetically coupled arm damping