ID Badges

ID Badges must be worn while in Cleanroom

  1.  Lab Members are issued ID badges only after completing all facility access requirements & have been trained on at least one piece of lab equipment. 

  2. ID badges must be worn by Members *at all times* while working in the cleanroom. This ensures that:
    • People will be better able to identify, communicate with and help each other in the event of an emergency.
    • Co-op students comply with their limited Level C Membership privileges: these Lab Members will be issued badges labeled "CO-OP STUDENT" beneath their name.
  • When active Members are not physically in the cleanroom, their ID badge must be kept fastened to their cleanroom coveralls and thus kept in the gowning room.

  • When a coverall is placed in the laundry bin for cleaning, Members must clip their ID Badge to an empty hanger in the gowning room.

  • ID badges must be kept in the gowning room at all times.

 Non compliance may result in loss of member privileges

Please Note

The first instance of a lost ID badge will be replaced at no cost. Beyond the first two lost ID badges, a charge of $10 will be incurred by the Lab Member for each additional badge replacement.