Membership Eligibility

QNFCF is dedicated to advanced research and is open to internal (UWaterloo-affiliated) and external (non-UWaterloo) researchers from academia, government and industry

Level A Member

Academic and Industrial users with a project term of 8 months or longer.

Access to the QNFCF is open to UWaterloo-affiliated and non-UWaterloo graduate students and Post-Doctoral researchers, as well as scientists & engineers with government and industry affiliations.  QNFCF labs are also open to undergraduate researchers and co-op students with work terms of 8 months or longer.

Level B Member

Academic and Industrial users with a project term of less than 8 months:

Due to the challenging lab environment and the complex nature of many tools in the QNFCF, prospective lab members with a limited time horizon may not be able to build up sufficient experience to safely operate many pieces of equipment in QNFCF labs.  The following pieces of equipment will not be offered for training to lab members with a project duration or work term of less than 8 months:

QNC building:

  • SUSS-align
  • SUSS-bond
  • PLASSYS-Ebeam
  • PLASSYS-sputter
  • HFACID wetbench
  • ACIDBASEnonHF wetbench
  • RCACLEAN wetbench
  • REYNOLDSTECH-bulkSi wetbench

RAC1 building:


RAC2 building:

  • 1stNANO-SiNW-R2

Where possible lab members with a less than 8 month time horizon are encouraged to shadow senior lab members from their group in order to get up to speed quickly in the lab and to access the equipment listed above.