Suspension of Member Privileges

Access may be suspended

Non compliance with facility Operating and Safety policies, equipment operating procedures, and general lab behaviour and safety guidelines (based largely on common sense), will result in suspension of facility access privileges as follows:

  • 1st offence: verbal & possible written warning; member will be asked to correct the situation immediately

  • 2nd offence: 1 week access suspension and 3 month loss of Advanced and Super user levels

  • 3rd offence: 1 month access suspension and 6 month loss of Advanced and Super user levels

  • 4th offence: 6 month access suspension or possible permanent loss of membership (in consultation with UW Safety Office)

Please Note

  • These penalties are consistent with University of Waterloo Guidelines.

  • Suspensions will be announced via a personal email sent to the affected member. To ensure transparency and consistency in the application of this policy, the member's supervisor will be copied on this communication.

  • Management reserves the right to suspend access privileges immediately and for an extended duration, including possible permanent suspension, for severe breaches of facility safety & operating policies or University of Waterloo policies on ethical behaviour. Fab policies include those documented here as well as those specified in section 4 of all equipment standard operating procedures (click here for a sample SOP document). 

  • Each situation will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.