Limitations on Personal Device Use

Personal devices include smart phones, tablets, laptops, etc.

Safe and effective use of lab equipment requires the operator's full attention as well as the ability to hear and respond to audible lab or equipment alarms. 

Furthermore, lab users may become distracted by people speaking on their phones and/or by other audible sounds (music or other playback) that can be played via the speakers often found on personal devices.

Thus, for lab member safety, personal devices are only permitted in QNFCF labs as long as the following constraints are respected at all times: 

  1. Equipment users must not operate any piece of lab equipment while speaking on a smart phone or being otherwise distracted by this or any other personal device. The only exception is if this person is being remotely guided through an equipment issue by a QNFCF staff member.

  2. Members wishing to make or receive a personal call on their device while in the lab are asked to please move to an area of the lab where others are not working. The gowning room or one end of the central corridor are reasonable options when working in the QNC cleanroom.

  3. Ear buds must not be worn while working in any lab as these may keep audible alarms from being heard.

  4. Music or any other type of playback from any personal device is not permitted.


Non compliance may result in loss of member privileges