Hours of Operation (Sept 26, 2023)

Applies to all QNFCF labs located in the QNC and RAC1 buildings.

Hours of access depend on Equipment User Level:


 ENTRY Equipment User level           (Buddy System always applies)

  • is granted to new lab members after completing all facility access requirements.
  • permits full facility use ONLY between 6AM to 6PM, Monday to Friday.
    • all equipment is accessible to members having completed required training for any given tool.

 ADVANCED Equipment User level   (Buddy System always applies)

  • is granted when a member has accumulated 150 hours (minimum) of equipment use over past 12 months.
  • permits full facility use 24 hours per day, seven days per week.
    • equipment is accessible to members having completed required training for any given tool.
    • The following equipment are exempt from 24/7 access and only available from 6:00AM to 10:00PM, 7 days per week.
      • HFACID wetbench
      • PIRANHA wetbench
      • RCACLEAN wetbench
      • WB-HFACID-R1 wetbench

Existing Members: Check if you qualify for ADVANCED user status by clicking here.


  • ADVANCED user status is a privilege that may be revoked at any time in the event of non-compliance with QNFCF Operating and Safety policies as detailed here.
  • In the event of an extended absence, it is possible that a member's previous Advanced User Status may have been automatically revoked during their absence. In this event it is the member's responsibility to verify that they still meet the criteria for this special status by checking the Advanced User List.
    • If they no longer qualify as an Advanced User, the member must accumulate the required minimum 150  hours of use before once again benefiting from Advanced User privileges as defined above.
    • To be clear, a member must have accumulated 150 hours of experience over the past 12 months to be granted Advanced User status. Ie., this applies even if a member qualified as an Advanced Member at some point in the past.


    In addition to facility usage trends and statistics, the QNFCF Team takes the following elements into consideration in setting the facility's hours of operation:

    1. Facility use during overnight hours increases the risk of misuse or contamination of lab equipment. This may compromise the many research programs that are highly dependent on continued, reliable access to the QNFCF.
    2. There are heightened safety concerns associated with people working overnight whom may not be as alert or as attentive as during daytime or evening hours. User fatigue during overnight hours increases the risk of accidents at a time when few people are available nearby to provide immediate assistance. For more information refer to the EHS Daily Advisor online resource. Notably:
      • "Fatigued workers are more likely to make safety-critical errors, resulting in injuries. Sleep problems are a factor in 13% of workplace injuries, according to one report. Fatigue was the probable cause or a contributing factor in 20% of crashes investigated by the National Transportation Safety Board. According to OSHA, accident and injury rates are 18% greater during evening shifts and 30% greater during night shifts when compared with day shifts."