Bringing Small Equipment in the Cleanroom

Procedure to follow for bringing phones, tools, etc. into the cleanroom

Limitations exist for what can be brought into the cleanroom. Click here for more information.

Steps to follow for bringing authorized materials into the cleanroom:

  1. Bring your equipment into the gowning room and deposit these on the "Wipedown Table".
  2. Put on a pair of blue nitrile glove and clean the equipment with the approved IPA-saturated cleanroom wipes or IPA solution and wipes which are made available on the table.
  • After cleaning, place your clean equipment onto the adjacent "Transfer Table".

  • Dispose of the blue gloves (these are single use only).

  • Once you are fully gowned up and have put on your white cleanroom gloves, you may retrieve your clean equipment from the "Transfer Table".

Please remember:

Do not introduce any of the following items into any cleanroom:

  • Pencils & erasers
  • Wooden tools, abrasives or packaging materials such as cardboard or styrofoam packing material
  • Non-cleanroom paper
  • Any questions: please ask staff