Maintaining a Clean & Safe Environment

Important guidelines to be followed in all labs

Guidelines for cleanrooms (QNC cleanroom, RAC1 cleanroom):

What to NOT bring in cleanroom labs:

  • Regular paper (Cleanroom paper is required in cleanroom environments).

  • Any form of graphite pencils – use permanent ink ONLY

  • Cardboard & cardboard boxes

  • Newspapers, magazines, novels, etc.

  • Tissues (eg., “Kleenex”)

  • Lighters & matches

  • Food, drinks, chewing gum, candy, etc.

  • Backpacks, fabric or leather pouches/bags, etc.

  • Phones, laptops, tablets are allowed ONLY if:
    • soft fabric cases are removed (hard, smooth, plastic cases are OK and may remain on the device)
    • the device is thoroughly cleaned with IPA solution & wipes available in the gowning room

What to wear / NOT wear:

  • Do not wear boots, sandals, flip flops or high heels.
    • Please only wear clean, closed shoes that are worn indoors only.

  • Do not wear shorts, skirts, outerwear (jackets & coats), hoodies, hats, etc.
    • Please only wear long pants with a t-shirt, shirt or blouse.

  • Minimize the use of cosmetics, make up and jewelry.

Avoid contamination by:

  • NEVER touching substrates or wafers with your gloved hands – always use CLEAN tweezers instead.

  • NEVER combing your hair in the gowning room.

  • NEVER touching the exposed portion of your face with your gloved hand as this will transfer contaminants from your face to your gloves and potentially to work surfaces or your devices.

  • NEVER blowing your nose in the cleanroom – go to the gowning room to do so.

  • NEVER leaning on tables, equipment or work surfaces.

  • NEVER running or walk quickly.

  • NEVER touching the interior of labware or process surfaces that come into contact with samples.

  • ALWAYS wearing your mask over your nose and NEVER breathe directly onto your samples or work surface.

  • ALWAYS keeping your work area clean and tidy.

  • Maintaining good personal hygiene by showering daily and wearing clean clothes.

  • If tools or new substrates are to be brought into to the cleanroom, wipe these down thoroughly prior to entry.

Guidelines for other QNFCF labs (QNC metrology, QNC packaging and sample prep, RAC2 satellite labs):