Process Evaluation

Processes must be vetted by staff

All fabrication processes must first be vetted by staff before being permitted in the QNFCF. This ensures that all authorized fabrication processes:

  1. are feasible in this facility AND
  2. will not introduce harmful contaminants into the lab or its equipment

Only once your new project & account application form has been approved will your detailed fabrication process be verified by staff. 

It is the responsibility of each PI and each lab member to provide the necessary fabrication process details on the online process review form (user authentication required for form access).

Authorization to proceed must first be obtained from Process Engineering before initiating the process in the facility. 

IMPORTANT: Substantial changes in existing process flows *must* be reported by submitting a new process review form.

Substantial changes which must be reported include:

  • introduction or deposition or etching of a new material
  • use of a new substrate type, not previously authorized in the facility or in any of its equipment.

Non compliance will result in loss of member privileges