Gowning Procedure & Guidelines

Donning and removing cleanroom apparel

General guidelines:

  • When you retrieve a new set of coveralls, hood and boot covers for yourself, please remember to place your ID badge on the coveralls.

  • Take the time to retrieve the proper size garments so that you feel comfortable while working in the cleanroom.

  • When not in use, snap all 4 units together (coveralls, hood and both boot covers) and hang them on an empty hanger in the gowning room.

  • If unsure about the gowning procedure please ask a staff member.

  • Keep your cleanroom apparel on and fully zipped up at all times when working in the cleanroom.

  • Replace any garment that is soiled; please place soiled item in laundry bin located in the gowning room.

  • Use a new face covering, hair net, shoe covers and gloves every time you enter the cleanroom; these are single use only.

Sequence for gowning up prior to cleanroom entry:

  1. Shoe covers

  2. Safety glasses

  3. Face mask or beard cover
    • either is acceptable

  4. Hair net

  5. Cleanroom hood

  6. Cleanroom coveralls
    • don't let the sleeves touch the floor
    • make sure your ID badge is affixed to your coveralls

  7. Cleanroom boot covers

  8. White nitrile gloves
    • don't touch the exterior, finger tip areas

Sequence for removing cleanroom gear prior to exit:

  1. Remove and dispose of white cleanroom gloves (these are single use)
    • don't touch glove exterior with bare hands

  2. Proceed with gowning up sequence but in reverse order
    • ie., perform step 7 to 1 above
    • hang boot covers, hood and coveralls in rack in gowning room
    • dispose of hairnet, face covering and shoe covers (these are single use)