Facility Access Control (FOB)

Lab access is controlled centrally

  1. Lab members whom are granted facility access will be given a key FOB and a unique access code (PIN #). The FOB and code will allow the member to enter the facility and the satellite labs he/she is authorized to access. 

  2. Newly authorized lab members must present photo ID prior to being given their key FOB and PIN #.

  3. FOBs remain the property of the University of Waterloo and must be returned at the end of a project.

  4. Lost key FOBs or compromised PIN #'s must be reported immediately.

  5. No one with facility access is permitted to allow anyone else into the facility. Visitor policy here.

  6. For safety reasons:

    • A key FOB and its associated PIN # must *not* be shared between members.

    • PIN #s must NEVER be kept together with key FOBs (just like a bank card PIN # must never be kept with the card).

    • Each lab member *must* FOB into the cleanroom; people must *not* slip in behind a person ahead of them. 

    • Each lab member *must* FOB out of the cleanroom at the end of their session. If they do not, the system will automatically deactivate their access.

Non compliance will result in loss of member privileges