Equipment Acquisition Policy

Guiding principles

All QNFCF equipment acquisitions are made under the following guiding principles:

  1. Acquire compatible equipment which will be routinely used by a large number of researchers

    • Idle equipment does not perform well. Daily use ensures optimal and repeatable equipment performance.

    • This is a shared, core scientific platform with a large and diverse membership of quantum and nano researchers from across campus and Canada. This community relies heavily on the QNFCF's stable and reproducible nanofabrication & characterization capabilities. Equipment dedicated to limited or excessively contaminating or disruptive applications will not be installed in this facility.

  2. Select proven platforms from well-established and reputable equipment vendors

    • QNFCF only acquires well-supported, proven and stable systems manufactured by reputable and established equipment vendors with a significant, existing presence in North America.

  3.  Place all equipment under the operational control of the Director of the QNFCF

    • Ensures the facility and its equipment are professionally and rigorously operated and maintained by qualified staff.

    • Ensures fair and consistent access to anyone qualified to become a lab member and prepared to abide by the facility's governance, operating and safety policies.

Exceptions to this policy:

  1. Temporary equipment
    • Existing QNFCF members may seek permission from the QNFCF director to install equipment into the QNFCF cleanroom on a temporary basis. Admittance of these tools is adjudicated on a case-by-case basis and is subject to the following conditions:
      • The equipment must not require dedicated services to be installed such as chilled water, compressed air, N2, etc.Only equipment requiring readily available services (120V power, data connectivity) will be considered.
      • The QNFCF facility assumes no responsibility for damages that the equipment incurs due to theft, vandalism, accidents, loss of power or any other causes.
      • The QNFCF is not responsible for providing technical or administrative support for temporary equipment.
      • As lab space is often limited, requesters must agree to remove their equipment within 30 days of this being requested by the QNFCF director.
      • In order to recover the cost of maintaining lab space and to promote efficient use of space the QNFCF will invoice temporary equipment owners a monthly fee. This fee to be determined on a case-by-case basis based on previous temporary equipment agreements, square footage of equipment and anticipated cost of services.