Badger Equipment Use Reports

How to generate individual or group equipment use reports in Badger

All Lab Members are responsible for disabling their tools at the end of each of their sessions, as detailed in the policy on Equipment Use & Physical Presence.

The Badger Lab Management software platform in use at the QNFCF includes several powerful reporting functions which can be used to identify possible instances of non-compliance (for example, forgetting to disable one or more tools).

Detailed equipment usage reports may be generated in Badger by individual lab members as well as by research groups, the latter of which may be helpful for Principal Investigators (PIs) or Advisors.

The procedure for generating each of these two report types is detailed in the following online video training modules:

  1. Group use report (for PIs /Advisors)
  2. Individual use report (for individual Lab Members)

Please Note

  • Invoices are sent out on the 3rd of each month. Equipment use corrections *must* therefore be completed well before the 3rd of any given month.
  • Repeated instances of forgetting to disable tools may result in suspension of member privileges.
  • Refer to section 3 of the Equipment Use policy for additional details on equipment enables & disables.