Request for $50 credit

A $50 credit will be applied to your next invoice for each publication that acknowledges QNFCF, Quantum Colaboratory, or TQT shared infrastructure (may include any or all combinations as appropriate).

Examples of language acknowledging the support:

QNFCF: “The University of Waterloo's QNFCF facility was used for this work. This infrastructure would not be possible without the significant contributions of CFREF-TQT, CFI, ISED, the Ontario Ministry of Research & Innovation and Mike & Ophelia Lazaridis. Their support is gratefully acknowledged.”

TQT: “This research was undertaken thanks in part to funding from the Canada First Research Excellence Fund.”

Quantum Colaboratory: “This research was carried out in part in the Quantum Colaboratory.”


  1. Please submit one form per publication.
  2. Publication must be from 2021 on.
  3. Credit will be applied to the lead PI’s (supervisor’s) next invoice to reduce the amount owing for that period.

    Ie., Science, Engineering, etc.
    Enter the name of the publication as it appears in the publishing journal

    Thank you for your submission.