Video Recordings

Motivation for use of closed circuit cameras


To ensure accountability as well as to identify opportunities for improving the community’s safe equipment operating and cleanroom behaviour practices. Specifically:

  • To ensure Lab Members comply with all lab safety policies.
  • To determine whether training procedures need be improved to augment the safety of the entire community. 
  • To determine the extent of risk to the community in the event of incident and to allow the rapid implementation of emergency corrective actions as needed.  For example, it has happened in the past that toxic chemical residues were inadvertently left behind at multiple workstations by a distracted member. The presence of these cameras was crucial in determining the extent of the associated risk and in securing the facility after the incident.

Fair Access and Consistent Equipment Use

To encourage all lab members to: 

  • Book time on equipment before using it.
  • Follow strict lab equipment operating guidelines as required to mitigate potentially catastrophic equipment contamination risks.


  • Questions about the collection and use of video recordings in the QNFCF facility should be directed to director of the QNFCF facility.
  • Questions about the collection, use, and disclosure of personal information by the university should be directed to the Privacy Officer, Secretariat, 519-888-4567, ext. 33183 or


The video system is not observed in real time. It is everyone’s responsibility to comply with the University of Waterloo’s usual Emergency Procedures as listed on the Safety Office Website.



Final note: Video recordings may only be accessed by the QNFCF facility director upon special request to University of Waterloo Police Services.