Buddy System: Minor Exceptions

These exceptions apply to Special Purpose Hoods ONLY

Special Purpose Hoods 

ONLY if special criteria is met (see Important Notes below), a Safety Buddy is not required when using the following Special Purpose Hoods:
  1. ACIDBASEnonHF if used for developing HSQ photoresist (Buddy is mandatory for all other chemicals)
  2. DEVELOPEBL        
  3. REYNOLDSTECH-twincoater 
  5. SOLVENT2 
  6. FUMEHOOD-north  (solvent processing hood located in Sample Prep Lab, QNC 1508)


  • The 6 hoods listed above may be used alone ONLY IF solution volumes of no more than 250ml are handled at any time. This means no pouring from any bottle larger than 250ml. Refer to signage on hoods

  • If handling volumes larger than 250ml, users must ensure that another qualified lab member is present in the cleanroom per the facility's Buddy System policy. It is the user's responsibility to connect with a Buddy so that the person acting as a Buddy is aware of the need and thus remains in the lab and regularly checks on the user while the user is operating the equipment in question.