General Safety Features

Summary of QNC Cleanroom safety features

Shower and eyewash station  Located throughout the cleanroom as well as in the satellite labs. 

Detectors and alarm systems  The cleanroom is equipped with fire, smoke and toxic gas (TGMS) detectors which are connected to horns and strobes located throughout the facility as detailed in the Emergency Response Plan.  Members  must evacuate immediately via the nearest exit when either the fire or TGMS alarms sound. Cleanroom gowning or lab coats must *not* be removed prior to evacuation; speed is of the essence.

Sprinklers  The entire facility is protected by sprinklers which will be activated in the event of fire.

Emergency Lighting  In case of a power outage emergency lights will turn on throughout the facility. In the event of power failure, please exit as you would normally through the gowning room.

Evacuation and exit routes  Several exits are identified within the cleanroom for emergency egress. Please review the Emergency Response Plan and memorize locations. One of these doors is the usual entrance to the Facility. The second and third are on the east-most wall in the service chase and the fourth one is at the south end of the clean aisle through the wipedown room. 

After leaving the cleanroom, exit the building via the closest identified exit. 

First aid kit  In case of minor injury, a first aid kit is available in the gowning room. Any use of this kit must be reported to staff.

Fire extinguishers  Multiple extinguishers are available throughout the facility and their locations are identified.

Water/power shutoff  In the event of flooding or if any electrical hazards are discovered, contact staff immediately. If outside of business hours, call the emergency numbers in the order of listed on the Emergency Contacts form located at the phone in the gowning room.

Spill cleanup  In case a hazardous liquid has been accidentally spilled or discovered, the proper spill cleanup kit must be used. These are available in the service chase behind the UV Litho Bay (QNC 1701P) where the chemical storage cabinets are located. Any spills must be reported to staff immediately.

MSDS  The Material Safety Data Sheets are located just inside the gowning room main entrance.

Chemical disposal  Liquid chemicals must be disposed of into the cup sinks located inside the solvent hoods. Do NOT mix chemical waste types! Refer to the equipment standard operating procedures (SOP) for further details. Contact staff for disposing of solid or other chemicals.

Protective gear  Equipment SOP's will identify the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) which must be worn at any given machine. Users *must* wear all required gear, without exception.

Segregated Waste Bins  There are multiple types of waste bins located throughout the facility for specific categories of waste. DO NOT mix different waste types as this may lead to toxic chemical reactions and possibly fire.