Supplies Provided

Commonly used materials included with membership

The commonly used materials listed below are included with lab membership. Materials not specifically listed must be purchased and paid for by individual lab members.

IMPORTANT: Policy on bringing chemicals in QNFCF labs is in effect at all times.

Photoresists & respective developers

  • PMMA
  • PMGI
  • AZ P4110
  • Shipley 1811
  • Ma-N-2405
  • Ma-N-1410
  • MMA (8.5)

Other chemicals

  • acetone
  • IPA
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • sulphuric acid
  • hydrochloric acid
  • ammonium hydroxide
  • AZ Remover
  • ma-D-533S
  • ma-T-1046
  • mr-T-1090
  • MF-319
  • Micro Dev
  • MIBK 1:3
  • PG Remover
  • Al Etchant

Deposition materials (physical vapour deposition)

  • commonly used materials such as chrome, aluminum and titanium are provided but precious metals such as gold are charged on a per use basis.

Etch gases

  • click here for gases available on the Oxford Si Etch DRIE
  • click here for gases available on the Oxford III-V & Metals Etch ICP RIE


  • Two 100mm, silicon wafers per person per each of the following systems: Oxford PECVD, ALD, Si DRIE, ICP corrosives etcher (one to be used as a sample carrier & the other for chamber cleans).

Cleanroom supplies

  • gowns
  • gloves
  • bouffant caps
  • booties
  • wipes
  • mandatory personal protective equipment used at wetbenches (fume hoods) including:
    • chemical resistant gloves
    • aprons
    • face shields
    • goggles