Good Lab Behaviour

Friendly reminders when working in any QNFCF lab

  1. Always use your own FOB and access credentials to enter a lab. NEVER tailgate behind someone else.

  2. Maintain good personal hygiene and wear clean clothes.

  3. Move slowly and deliberately when working in cleanroom.

  4. Never run or move abruptly when working in a lab.

  5. Use only approved wipes in cleanrooms.

  6. Use proper cleaning techniques and keep your workplace clean and tidy at all times.

  7. Always use PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) when required and use these as directed.

  8. Only use equipment you are trained on and authorized to use.

  9. Please do your best to maintain a positive and constructive attitude and be responsible. Always treat fellow lab members and QNFCF staff with respect, courtesy and kindness.

  10. Remember to FOB out when leaving the QNC cleanroom (otherwise the system will not let you back in).