Facility Use Policy

Facility use falls under two categories


Industrial users of the QNFCF are charged industrial access rates.


  1. Academic users who make use of the facility to further their research benefit from reduced academic access rates.

  2. Academic access rates remain in effect for projects being carried out in collaboration with researchers from other academic institutions and/or with (not for) researchers from industry.

  3. Academic users who wish to offer fabrication services to industrial clients on a fee for service basis should create a separate account via the submission of a New Project Application & Account Authorization Form

  4. Where industry supports academic research at UW then those academic users continue to be charged the academic rate. When an academic lab is providing a service to industry then, even if the service supports research, the industry rate applies. Some points to consider:
    • When the fabricated part is provided to industry then normally the industrial rates apply.
    • When the device is fabricated via an industry recipe then normally the industrial rates apply.
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