To Become a Lab Member

1.  Consult with a QNFCF staff member to assess your project's feasibility

  • Prior to beginning the onboarding process it is important to determine whether this work is possible in any of the QNFCF's labs.
  • Discussion should also consider whether the scope of the project is suitable for lab membership and tool training or if arranging a "fee for service" would be more appropriate.  
  • For a fabrication feasibility assessment, contact Lino Eugene.
  • For a metrology/characterization feasibility assessment, contact Sandra Gibson and fill in the appropriate form below:
  • For RAC1/2 feasibility assessments, contact Taso Alkiviades.

2.  Complete a new account form

New account forms are required in the following cases:

  • you wish to join the QNFCF community & initiate a new research project.
  • you are an existing Member wishing to initiate a new project.
  • you are a registered PI wishing to authorize additional people on an existing project.

New account application forms may be submitted via online form

  • Applications are generally processed within 3 business days.
  • Account activation confirmed via email upon verification of membership eligibility.
  • Activation grants full access to this website as required to complete next steps.

3.  Select applicable access protocol:

Onboarding (internal -UWaterloo)

Onboarding (external)

Fee-for-service (no lab access)*

*Available only if approved by staff at consultation phase