Training prior to use is mandatory

  • Given the high precision and delicate nature of typical processes generally carried out in this system, members can request JEOL JEM-F200 S/TEM to be operated by QNFCF staff on a fee-for-service basis.

  • For individuals whose research program is heavily dependent on ongoing and routine access to this system, operator training may be requested. In this event please provide relevant details in your online Process Review submission.

  • Training for this tool will be a multi-session process and tailored to user experimental needs. Contact the staff member for clarification. A general flow for TEM training is shown below:

  • Advanced TEM user status is separate from general cleanroom advanced user status. This status allows users to operate the TEM after hours and is granted after 5 independent sessions of TEM use (not including training). This status also requires an additional ~20-minute training session, please contact a staff member to receive this training.

    • Before your training session, please review the standard operating procedures (SOPs). SOPs are available for general TEM imaging, STEM imaging, EELS, and using the plasma cleaner. SOPs for diffraction and EDS are underway.
    • For more practice, you can use a helpful MyScope TEM simulation website: [1] to get familiar with the tools you will use in TEM imaging, STEM, and diffraction. The MyScope website also provides information on TEM theory: [1].

      [1] Whiting, J., Yen, L., & Stanford, N. (2022). MyScope: Free online microscopy training resource – continuing development to reflect the current microscopy landscape. Micron, 160, 103319.