General Info

Summary of system capabilities

Vendor: Reynoldstech
Model: Custom
Purpose: Dedicated to acid or base processes and cleans. HF solutions NOT permitted in this hood.


  1. Material restrictions in effect: click here
  2. Training required prior to use: click here
  3. More info for lab members: Manuals and Processes
  4. Buddy System policy applies to this equipment UNLESS less than 250mL of TMAH is used for HSQ resist development.

Wet bench dedicated to (non HF) acid or caustic processes and cleans.

ONLY (non-Hydrofluoric) acid or caustic based solutions are permitted on this bench.

Any Hydrofluoric acid based solutions (such as BOE - Buffered Oxide Etch, etc.) are NOT allowed in this bench.

Use of unauthorized chemicals on this equipment will not be tolerated and will result in immediate suspension of access privileges.

Available Options

  • Foot-pedal actuated DI water gooseneck
  • DI water spray rinse basket
  • DI water and nitrogen spray guns
  • Ceramic hotplate
  • Drying rack