Materials to bring to QNFCF

Some materials available for purchase

The following lists suggested materials members should bring to conduct work in the Quantum-Nano Fabrication and Characterization Facility.

As a courtesy to our members some of these materials may be purchased from the QNFCF. Stock is not guaranteed and prices are determined on a cost recovery basis.

Where possible members are encouraged to order their own supplies even if they are stocked by QNFCF.

  1. Wafer Tweezers - Select types available for purchase from QNFCF
    • Required for handling of wafers, these are useful even if you only work on small pieces, as all Oxford tools and the Filmetrics F-50 require wafer handling.  
    • Suggested suppliers: 
    • VWR
    • TDI International 
    • WIHA Precision Tools
    • Ted Pella
    • Note: an assortment of tweezers is available at each workstation within the facility.

  2. Fine Tweezers - Select types available from QNFCF
    • Good for handling small pieces
    • If you require fine tweezers you may wish to have metal tipped for hot processes and PEEK/nylon/ceramic tipped for other processes (to minimize chipping corners of your sample)
    • suggested supplier: VWR or the other companies referenced above
    • Note: an assortment of tweezers is available at each workstation within the facility.

  3. Wafer/piece sample holders - Available from QNFCF
    • It is good practice to segregate new and processed wafers / pieces.
    • Minimum order quantities vary from ~10 to ~100 depending on supplier and part number.  QNFCF supply intended for members who cannot order a minimum order from suppliers.
    • Suggested suppliers:  
  4. Beakers - Available from QNFCF
    • Beakers are available at all wet benches, but lab members may elect to use their own dedicated beakers for improved cleanliness.
    • Beaker kits tailored for work at the "Solvent wetbench" and "non-HF acid bench" are available from QNFCF at cost.  Some communal glassware for large wafer processing is available as well (ask for details).
    • HF acid beakers are communal, dedicated to HF processing, and must never leave HF hoods.

  5. Wafers - Available from QNFCF
    • QNFCF stocks 3", 100mm, and 150mm wafers for sale.  Wafers are typically Czochralski grown <100> Si prime grade with either light n-doping or light p-doping.
    • Wafers stocked by QNFCF are intended for sale to members who may find the minimum order quantity for most suppliers (25 wafers) prohibitive.  If your project uses a significant volume of wafers it is suggested that you purchase your own from one of the listed suppliers.  We recommend that you purchase Prime or Test grade wafers and never Mechanical grade.
    • Suggested suppliers:
  6. Photomasks - Not available from QNFCF
    • QNFCF does not have a photomask fabrication process or service.
    • Refer to "Mask making procedure" page for more info

  7. Assorted resists and etchants - Free in most cases
    • QNFCF only supplies a limited assortment of chemicals: List of chemicals stocked by QNCFab
    • Additions and deletions to this list will be made according to lab member interest. Please contact fab staff if you have any concerns.
    • Highly expensive E-beam resists such as ZEP-520A may be provided for an additional surcharge to recover the cost of these materials.  Please consult Fab staff 

  8. AFM tips - Available from QNFCF
    • AFM probes for our Bruker Fastscan/Icon AFM are available from QNFCF.  We stock the ScanAsyst-Air AFM probes from Bruker which work well with ScanAsyst modes that of the AFM.  If you require specialized or large volumes (>10) of probes it is recommended that you spruce your own from the following suppliers.