General Info

Summary of system capabilities

Vendor:   First Nano
Model:     EasyTube 3000
Purpose:  Growth of Silicon nanowires via LPCVD process


  1. Material restrictions in effect: click here
  2. Training required prior to use: click here
  3. More info for lab members: Manuals and Processes
  4. This system is dedicated to the growth of Silicon Nanowires (SiNW) via LPCVD. The system is capable of processing a single sample (wafer or piece) with a maximum substrate size of 50mm diameter.

Gases currently available on this system

  • N2
  • He
  • H2
  • SiH4
  • HCl

Additional Information

  • This system is capable of operating at temperatures up to 1100°C.  Uncleaned samples and samples with polymeric films are strictly prohibited.  All materials going into this system must be specifically listed in the authorized materials page.