Authorized Materials

Summary of material constraints

Lab members wishing to introduce new materials into this system must first obtain authorization from staff. New material requests must be initiated by submitting a Process Review Request form.

Non compliance will result in loss of member privileges

Kapton tape, Cool grease, photoresist and any other similar materials are strictly forbidden in this system due to the elevated risk of chamber contamination.

Authorized Substrates & Thin Films

  • Silicon
  • Catalyst films/particles of: Au
  • if any other materials are present on your samples, CONTACT STAFF BEFORE PROCEEDING

PROHIBITED Substrates & Films:

The possibility of introducing the following films has been studied. Our research has concluded that the risk of chamber contamination is too high. Thus, these materials are NOT ALLOWED in this system:
  • Any polymeric films, photoresist, E-beam resist, tapes, adhesives
  • Any substrates or films not specifically authorized above