General Info

Summary of system capabilities
Vendor: Samco-UCP
Model: LFC150 G
Purpose: Cleaning prior to die bonding, wire bonding or encapsulation


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A Hydrogen plasma cleaner for packaging applications. The UCP LFC-150 can be used for cleaning samples prior to die bonding, wire bonding or encapsulation processes. The low voltage Hydrogen-Argon plasma effectively cleans samples while inducing very little damage.

The LFC150 G is configured for batch plasma processing of strips placed in slotted magazines and of wafers. The UCP plasma cleaning concept is based on chemical reactions of gas-phase species with the contaminated surface. This is accomplished by exposing the substrates to a DC plasma. The system is equipped with a high vacuum pumping station consisting of a purged turbomolecular pump, a rotary vane pump, a high vacuum valve, and a hydrogen generator. The LFC150 G has an excellent throughput and is suited for a wide variety of applications. Multi-step processing allows to combine the advantages of both, hydrogen and nitrogen plasma.

Gases available

  • H2
  • Ar
  • N2

Typical applications

  • Cleaning samples prior to wire bonding for improved bond strength
  • Cleaning dies prior to die bonding
  • Cleaning prior to die encapsulation