General Info

Summary of system capabilities

Vendor:   Oxford Instruments
Model:     ICP380
Purpose:  Plasma-based dry etching of silicon (ONLY!)


  1. Material restrictions in effect: click here
  2. Training required prior to use: click here
  3. More info for lab members: Manuals and Processes
  4. Lower limit for etch recipes is 500W.
    • Recipes operating at less than 500W are NOT PERMITTED since this may result in instability with high reflected powers. This may in turn damage the RF power supply & matching network.

Routine etch recipes currently available

  • Bosch deep anisotropic silicon etch
  • Mixed-gas anisotropic silicon etch (smoother sidewalls than Bosch but cannot etch as deep)
  • Notch-free etching of SOI (silicon on insulator) substrates

Gases available on this system

  • C4F8
  • SF6
  • O2

    Additional Information

    • This system is configured to handle 4" diameter silicon wafers (ONLY!) with typical thickness of 550um (approx). Smaller silicon substrates may be mounted on specially made carrier wafers; see staff for more information.