General Info

Summary of system capabilities

Vendor: Plassys Bestek
Model: MP700S
Purpose: PVD of superconducting films of Nb


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The Plassys MP700S sputter system is designed for and dedicated to the sputter deposition of Nb, NbN, NbTiN and Ta thin films on 4" and smaller diameter samples. The system features two 6" sputter guns (one Nb and one 80%Nb20%Ti) with the option of introducing N2 gas for reactive sputtering. The system is load locked (turbopumped) for good vacuum integrity in the main chamber (cryopumped). The system has an RF power supply for cleaning the substrate prior to deposition, and both RF and DC power supplies for the magnetron sputter guns. The system's hot substrate holder can be heated up to 800C with a temperature deviation of +- 1C. The actual temperature of the substrate can be monitored by a laser pyrometer which can be employed prior to deposition.

Operation of the MP700S sputter system is performed through a PC interface. Recipes may be programmed into the Top32 software and a variety of system parameters can be logged and archived to ensure repeatability.


In the interest of limiting possible contamination and generating a solid baseline of operation the MP700S will be operated by fab staff only until further notice. There will be no additional support fees charged for this operation. Depositions will only be permitted on bare, clean substrates of Si, SiO2, Glass, Al2O3 and SiN for the time being (further substrate availability subject to process review). If you are interested in learning more about this tool or if you would like to schedule a deposition please contact Process Engineering.


Nb (250nm film)

  • Thickness uniformity (4" wafer) +- 10%
  • Tc > 9.0K
  • RRR > 2

NbN (250nm film)

  • Thickness uniformity (4" wafer) +- 10%
  • Tc > 15.0K

NbN (5nm film)

  • Thickness uniformity (4" wafer) +- 10%
  • Tc > 9.0K

NbTiN (250nm film) (not yet achieved)

  • Thickness uniformity (4" wafer) +- 10%
  • Tc > 14.0K

Ta: to be determined