General Info

Summary of system capabilities

Vendor:   JEOL USA Inc.
Model:     JSM-7200F
Purpose:  Scanning Electron Microscopy of semiconductor samples


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Tool Specifications

Field Emission SEM with EDS detector.

Parameter Specification
Emitter type  Schottky field emission gun 
SE Resolution 1.2nm at 30kV
1.0nm at 20kV (Gentle Beam)
1.6nm at 1kV (Gentle Beam)
3.0nm at 15kV (high current, Analysis mode)
Magnification 10x to 1 000 000x
Accelerating Voltage 0.01 to 30 kV
Beam Current Range 1 pA to 300 nA
Available Detectors Upper electron detector (SE)
Everhart-Thornley detector (SE)
Retractable BE detector with COMPO or SHADOW modes
Stage X-axis: 100 mm
Y-axis: 100 mm

Z-axis: 1.0 to 50 mm (continuous)

 Tilt: –5° to +70°

 Rotation: 360° endless 

EDS Detector Oxford X-Max:  50mm^2 area SDD