General Info

Optical profiling system

Vendor:   Bruker
Model:     Contour Elite I 3D Optical Metrology system
Purpose: Optical (non-contact) 3D surface characterization of a wide range of substrates & devices


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Tool Specifications

Parameter Specification
Maximum sample height 100mm
Maximum sample footprint  150mm x 150mm
Available interferometry methods Vertical Scanning Interferometry (VSI)
Phase Shift Interferometry (PSI)
VSI specifications 10um step size with standard deviation on step average of less than 10nm
Vertical scan speed of 73um/sec
Vertical scan range of up to 10nm
Able to measure surfaces with reflectivity as low as 0.05%
PSI specifications Vertical resolution better than 0.01nm
RMS repeatability of 0.01nm
Step height accuracy of better than 0.75% (for step heights of 8um or greater)
Available lenses & objectives FOV lens, 0.55X
FOV lens, 2X
10X Interferometric Objective, 7.4mm Working Distance
50X Interferometric Objective, 3.4mm Working Distance