General Info

Summary of system capabilities

Vendor: Raith Nanofabrication
Model: RAITH 150TWO 30kV Direct Write
Purpose: Patterning nanometer scale features via electron-beam lithography


  1. Material restrictions in effect: click here
  2. Training required prior to use: click here
  3. More info for lab members: Manuals and Processes
  4. Methods exist for minimizing GDS layout compatibility issues when converting files from L-Edit to Raith NanoSuite. Contact Process Engineering for more information.
  5. Users MUST NOT exceed a column voltage of 25kV until further notice. In addition, column voltage must be stepped in 2 kV increments from 21kV to 25kV with a 2 minute stabilization at each voltage. This applies to all users of this system.

The Raith 150TWO features an extremely stable, high-resolution electron column with a thermal field-emission (Schottky) source. The system includes a high-resolution, 20MHz high speed pattern generator combined with fast electrostatic beam blanking as well as a 6-inch laser-interferometer stage with 1nm resolution and 20mm Z travel. Authorized lab members have access to a GDSII pattern editor with integrated proximity correction software and a flexible, multi-user platform.


  • 20 MHz pattern generator
  • ZEISS Gemini electron column with variable accelerating voltage up to 30kV
  • 1nm Stage resolution / 150mm travel
  • 16 bit DAC
  • Field size: Variable from 1mm to 10um. Typically operated with 100um square or 200um square fields.
  • Available Apertures: 120um, 60um, 30um, 20um, 10um, 7.5um.
  • Stitching error specification: 40nm stitching (200um field).

Available Options

  • Automated Height Sensing
  • Fixed Beam Moving Stage
  • 3Lith Software Package
  • Anti-Contaminator & Controller

Available Substrate Fixtures

  • universal sample holder for small & odd-shaped pieces
  • 4 inch wafer carrier
  • 6 inch wafer carrier
  • 5 inch mask carrier
  • 6 inch mask carrier
  • 7 inch mask carrier