Training prior to use is mandatory

To receive training

  1. Submit Equipment Training Request (sample here).

  2. Before your one-on-one training session:
  3. Schedule one-on-one training session by contacting the appropriate staff member.

  4. Complete 6 to 12 hours of hands-on training. NO exceptions.

  5. Partner-up with a peer who has already achieved Qualified User Status for a few sessions in order to become more familiar with system operation.
    • This is optional for graduate students and post-docs, mandatory for all others.
    • System cannot be directly operated by the trainee during these partner sessions.

  6. Pass system operation test administered by staff in order to achieve full qualified user status so that you may begin using the system independently.

NOTE: Training requests are processed on a first-come first-serve basis. Click here for information on current training waiting list for this system.