General Info

Summary of system capabilities

Vendor:  J.A. Woollam Co.
Model:    Woollam M-2000 Model DI 
Purpose: Non-destructive optical characterization of thin films


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The Woollam M-2000DI ellipsometer is designed for the ex-situ optical characterization of patterned and unpatterned thin films. This tool records the polarization data Psi and Delta over 700 wavelengths (from 193 nm to 1690 nm) simultaneously using Woollam’s rotating compensator design. 

System features

  • automated goniometer (45°-90° range)
  • automated alignment
  • Motorized 150 mm X-Y translation stage enables mapping of large samples
  • Focusing optics and camera attachment are available for the measurement of patterned regions on a sample
  • Transmission mount can be optionally attached for measurement of thin films on transparent substrates