General Info

Generous donation from Everbeing International Corporation

We are grateful to our friends at Everbeing International Corp., Mr. PK Tang and Mr. Yunyi Tang, for having generously donated this state of the art equipment.

Anyone interested in acquiring an Everbeing probe station or related accessories is invited to speak with any member of the QNFCF team or to connect directly with Mr. PK Tang or Mr. Yunyi Tang:

Mr. PK Tang
Everbeing Int'l Corp
Tel: 886-3-666-2000

Mr. Yunyi Tang
Everbeing Int'l Corp
International Sales Manager
Tel: +1 (647) 787-8816

Vendor: Everbeing International Corp.
Model: Probe Station C-8 with Shielding box and vibration isolation
Purpose: Electrical parameter testing of in-process or completed devices


  1. Material restrictions in effect: click here
  2. Training required prior to use: click here
  3. More info for lab members: Manuals and Processes

    System Features

    • Probe Station:
      • 8” Stainless Steel Vacuum Chuck
      • Coaxial Chuck Stage X-Y 8”-8”
      • Resolution 10 micron
      • Chuck Theta 15 degrees
      • Chuck Up/Down 4 mm
      • Microscope X-Y Stage Travel 2”-2”
      • Stereo Microscope:
        • E.P.20x
        • Zoom 1x-5x
        • Total Magnification 20x-100x (For target 20μm x2 0μm and larger)
        • LED ring light with light intensity
        • Linear X-Y-Z Travel 12mm-12mm-12mm
        • 80 Thread/Inch
        • Stainless Steel Lead Screw
        • Magnet ON/OFF Base
        • For target of 1μm x 1μm and larger
      • Micropositioners (EB-050E)
      • Triaxial Tip Holder Tubular:
        • Coaxial cable 1.5 m long terminated with male Triax
        • Inclination for tip soft landing
        • Leakage 500 fA @ +/- 5V  medium mode
        • Shielding Box:
          • Triaxial Female/Triaxial Female x4
          • Triaxial Female/BNC Female x4
          • Semiconductor 4200A-SCS parameter analyzer:
            • 2 SMUs+1 preamp, DC voltage up to 40V (200V with interlock), DC current down to 10 fA, 10 aA resolution with preamp
            • 1 CVU, 1 kHz to 10 MHz
            • IV-CV multi-switch module

            Examples of Devices Measured

            • MOS, MIS and MIM capacitors
            • Diodes
            • TLM (Transmission Line Measurement)